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Zenith Travel brings you the perfect self-exploration package to the Galapagos Islands! Discover the incredibly diverse marine life endemic to the Galapagos Islands on this amazing 5-day island hopping adventure. Take a boat ride to nearby islands to see native birds and get the opportunity to swim next to seals and turtles.


Galapagos on your Own for ONLY $945!!!



Go Snorkeling among sea lions, rays and turtles.

Spot Blue-Footed Boobies and Frigatebirds.

Relax on beautiful white sandy beaches.

Swim in crystalline turquoise waters and so much more!*


Day by Day Itinerary

galapagos tortoises walking on land

Day 1: Baltra Airport Pick-Up & Transfer to Santa Cruz

Upon arrival to Baltra Island, you will be picked up at the airport and transferred to the harbor in Puerto Ayora. You will be greeted by one of our agents who will explain the programme for the coming days and you will receive some recommendations on restaurants and things to do and see while on Santa Cruz.

In the afternoon you have free time to explore different sites of Santa Cruz. You can walk through the beautiful dry tropical forest leading up to Tortuga Bay, visit the Charles Darwin Station to learn about the Galaapgos' ongoing conservation efforts, or rent a mountain bike to go up to the highlands of Santa Cruz for your own trekking adventure.

galapagos iguanas

Day 2: Day Tour to a Nearby Island: Santa Fe, Plazas, Bartolome or North Seymour (B/L)

Rise up bright and early for a day tour to one of the following islands: Santa Fe, Plazas, Bartolome or North Seymour; depending on choice and availability on the dates you've selected.

Enjoy snorkeling among abundant marine life and relax on board the boat taking in the beautiful surrounding views. Explore the islands to try and spot land iguanas, and go bird watching. Your day tour includes a lunch on-board.

Island Choices and Itineraries:

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Santa Fe Island

Choose Santa Fé Island for:

Santa Fe Island has an interesting volcanic composition, where a forest of giant Opuntia Cactus grows over volcanic rocks.

The island is located southeast of Santa Cruz and is an island with an area of 24 Km², with a maximum height of 259 meters.

After a boat ride to the island, visit two snorkel sites around the coast of Santa Fe. They are generally great places to snorkel with the playful Galapagos sea lions. You can also see many reef fish, and sometimes turtles, reef sharks and rays.Then we will disembark and spend some time on the beach 'Playa Escondida'. If you're lucky you could spot some of the wildlife that inhabits Santa Fé: land iguanas, galapagos hawk, finches, doves, mockingbirds, endemic rice rat and the harmless Galapagos snake.

Plazas Island

Choose Plazas Island for:

There are actually two islands, Plaza Norte and Plaza Sur. Only Plaza Sur, the southern bigger island is visited by tourists.

This island has a lot to offer. The flora and fauna will astonish you. This island is mostly known for the many land iguanas that live on it.

When you are a little further from the coast, it looks like you've walked into the movie "Jurassic Park", because you will be eye to eye with beautiful green, yellow and orange land iguanas. This is all surrounded by beaches, beautiful cactus and in the background the blue sea.

At the coast the male sea lions live in peace. The militant lifestyle is only maintainable for males who are in their prime. The elder spend their last days in colonies, of which one can be found at Plaza Sur. It is sensational to see how the sea lions and iguanas mix. They play together as real pals.

This island also offers a lot to bird lovers and a so called "birdwatchers paradise" can be found, a steep cliff with swallow tailed gulls, masked boobies, blue-footed boobies, tropical red bill birds, frigate birds, pelicans and Audubon's. The gulls, partners for ever, are always here cuddling or nesting.

Bartolome Island

Choose Bartolomé Island for:

Bartolomé has a surface area of only 1,2 Km² and the highest point of the island is at 114 meters. You can reach this point by taking a path through an almost surrealistic landscape and past recent signs of volcano eruptions.

After a scenic walk which is definitely worth it, you will reach the highest point of the island with a spectacular view over the lava in different colors, the many volcanoes and the deep blue sea as well as the famous "Pinnacle Rock". In 1993 they constructed stairs on this path because it began to erode due to so many visitors. The beach at "Pinnacle Rock" is also worth a visit.

Here you can find, from December till April, green sea turtles who come ashore to lie in the sun. This is special because in other places the turtles only come ashore at night to lay eggs. During the day they are staying in the safe water.

Snorkeling is almost a must here. With a little luck you will see the "Moorish Idol", this is the most beautiful fish from the Galapagos.

North Seymour Island

Choose North Seymour Island for:

North Seymour is located north of the island Baltra. The island has a surface area of only 1,9 Km² and is almost totally flat.

At this island there are the breeding colonies of the frigatebirds, the blue-footed boobies and the swallow tailed gull.

To impress the female frigatebirds, the male blows up his red throat bag. To attract more attention they fly around in the surroundings of the female. You can imagine that this is not too easy with a blown-up throat bag, because they lose their balance quicker. It makes up quite a funny scene.

galapagos beach seals

Day 3: Ferry to San Cristobal Island (B)

You will have a free morning today. Take advantage of it to visit the sites of Santa Cruz that you did not visit on the first day. Then make your way to the harbor from where the ferry to San Cristobal Island leaves at 14:00 pm. You will arrive around 16:00 - 16:30 pm at San Cristobal where you will be met by your contact person at the harbor and will be taken to your accommodation.

Your contact person will explain your programme on San Cristobal and you will receive recommendations on restaurants and things to do on San Cristobal. During the rest of the afternoon, you can stroll the boulevard and watch the many sea lions that sleep there or go relax on one of the nearby beaches. There are simply too many things to enjoy at this island leisurely and relaxing.

galapagos blue footed boobies

Day 4: Day Tour to Isla Lobos or Kicker Rock (B/L)

Today you will go on a day tour to either Isla Lobos or Kicker Rock, depending on choice and availability. Lunch is included on this day tour.

You will return to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno at 16:00 pm to enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

Isla Lobos

Choose Isla Lobos for:

You will have the opportunity to walk around this wonderful little island. There, marvel at the sea lion colonies, seabirds such as: blue footed boobies, migratory birds, frigates nesting or courting with that impressive red balloon, and nazca boobies also can be found.

Go to Canal Lobos, a great place for snorkeling and swimming in turquoise waters with sea lions, tropical fish, rays, sea turtles.

After this amazing experience, we sail to Playa Ochoa or Manglesito (according to the tide) where we have our box lunch and relax ourselves on a beautiful white sandy beach.

Kicker Rock

Choose Kicker Rock for:

The boat will transport us to the beautiful rock in the middle of the ocean, which according to the "isleños" looks like a sleeping sea lion.

The boat will take you around the rock to spot different nesting seabirds and will stop at the entrance of the canal from where you will snorkel.

During this snorkel adventure you can spot sharks (white tipped, galapagos and hammerhead), sea turtles, rays and more.

After this wonderful experience we sail to Playa Ochoa or Manglesito (according to the tide) where we have our box lunch and relax ourselves on a beautiful white sandy beach.

galapagos airport iguana

Day 5: San Cristobal Airport Drop-Off (B)

If you chose to extend your trip at the Galapagos with a cruise or additional tour, the guide will meet with you to explain the extended schedule details.

If this concludes your package, enjoy your free morning before departing the Galapagos Islands. You will be transferred to the San Cristobal Airport 1h30m before departure. We wish you safe travels.

What's included

Baltra Airport Pick Up | San Cristobal Airport Drop-Off | Included Transportation: - Ferry Santa Cruz - San Cristobal | Transfers between Harbor and Accommodation at Different Islands 4 Nights Budget, Standard or Superior Accommodation Depending on Package: - 2N Santa Cruz - 2N San Cristobal | Meals: 4 Breakfasts and 2 Lunches
2 Day Tours Include: - English Speaking Guides | Basic Snorkeling Gear | English Speaking Contact Person in Puerto Ayora and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

What's not included

Flights | Small Taxi Boat Transfers between Harbor and Ferry Boats (+/-$0.60 pp, Cash Only) | Other Meals & Drinks Galapagos | Fees: INGALA Migration Control Card ($20 USD) & Galapagos National Park | Entrance Fee ($100 USD) *Note: Please Plan Ahead as there are No ATMs on the Island | Wetsuits (Bring Your Own or Rent in Puerto Ayora) | Optional Activities | Personal Expenses | Tips | Travel Insurance

Additional Information:

ATM Availability: There are no ATMs in the Galapagos Islands and you must bring cash with you to pay for the National Park entrance fee. Please plan ahead.

Snorkeling Equipment: Although basic snorkel equipment is included during day trips, we strongly recommend that you bring your own equipment whenever possible (or at least a mask and tube) so you may enjoy to the fullest the snorkeling experience off the beaches during tours and during your free time as well, as it will be easier to see the diverse marine life at different times of the day with it.

Itinerary Preferences: While we will do our best to place you in your desired island tour, prior to completing your booking, we will confirm availability and accessibility with our team in the relevant islands for your party, and inform you about it with the relevant options.

Details Operating Days: You can plan your trip to leave any day of the week all year round. Plan for Baltra Airport Pickup and San Cristobal Drop Off, unless you plan to further extend your Galapagos vacation. In this case, please let us know so we may provide you with a suitable plan for your budget.

Children and Senior Discount: There is no senior discount, however children under 12 years old are eligible for a 15% discount from the marked price for this tour. All other fees not covered by this package will depend on their separate entities.

Meals: Meals included with your package on specific dates will be labeled as B for Breakfast, L for Lunch and D for Dinner. If you don't see this marking, a specific meal for that day may not be included.